Goal’s : Week One

So a new week and a new beginning and so far I am feeling pretty great I have been eating as many ‘Real’ meals as I possibly can and make sure my other meals are at least on the healthy side of things.  Which really surprisingly to me hasn’t been anywhere as hard as I thought it would so hopefully this motivation can stick around for it to start making an effect on on me and my family 😀

I have decided that every Monday I am going to set myself some Goals and Tasks for the following week to hopefully keep myself on track.  This is particularly important for the next months because my hubby will be in Christchurch (I am in Auckland) nearly every week over the next 3 months so he isn’t here to keep an eye on me haha.  So this weeks goals are fairly simple because I don’t want to try and change things so dramatically that I find it to hard and just give up.


1. Exercise 3 x this week.  This will most likely just be a walk, but at least that’s a good start.

2. Aim for 5 Real dinners this week.

3. Make a mood board filled with inspiration.

4. Research some Real alternatives to fizzy. Me and the hubby have a bit of a addiction to fizzy so definitely need to kick that one in the butt!

I will post progress on these as the week goes on, I am also going to share my favourite recipe I have tried so far today or tomorrow (depending on the ratbags being co-operative of course haha)

Have a great day everyone.

H. xx




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