1 week down… How am I going?

So I am now officially 1 week into this and to be perfectly honest I am loving it! I am enjoying the food and surprisingly not having too many cravings (despite the fact I used to have us much chocolate as possible EVERY day). I still feel fresh and motivated and have enjoyed researching and learning more about this way of eating.

But my most exciting news (well for me anyway) is that I jumped on the scales after breakfast this morning and I’ve lost 2kgs this week!!! WOOHOO! I felt like having a celebration in my bathroom because it has been an extremely long time since I saw those scales move in the right direction! I managed this just from purely changing my eating this week, I am not starving myself (if anything I feel fuller and more sustained) and just eating a lot more plant based food and removing the processed crap. I got no exercise done this week … Oops my bad, and yet here was that awesome start to this journey. So this is really one happy mummy here!

And to top of my day I had a fab time at the Baby show with my best friend but didn’t get home till late so decided McDonald’s was the easiest option for dinner. But do you know what? For probably the first time ever I didn’t buy myself a single thing. Instead I came home an made myself a delicious dinner of toast, smoked salmon, poached eggs and avocado (which lets face it is probably much tastier) and enjoyed that without the side of guilt! I did however pinch a couple of chips from the kids but still super proud of myself.

Hope you are all having a fabulous week as well!

H. Xx


4 thoughts on “1 week down… How am I going?

  1. Good work Hayley…have you tried the protein pancakes…DELICIOUS!!!! With blueberries and Greek yoghurt….yum I can send the recipe if you haven’t got it 🙂


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