My Inspiration Board

So I finally sat down and started my inspiration board yesterday, I have been saying I would start it for the last 5 weeks but good things take time 😀  It is nothing super flash to look at, really didn’t have the time or energy to make it amazing, but it gets the point across and hopefully will be a daily reminder to why I am doing this.

Getting started!

Getting started!

However it isn’t finished yet and there is one major reason for this… it is impossible to find images of women who are healthy and happy at a normal size.  When you Google or do a Pinterest search for inspiring women, weight loss inspiration, healthy women etc you get a a bunch of photos of women with hardly any clothes on, stick thin and absolutely ripped.  Now don’t get me wrong they look fabulous but for a large population of us ladies that is really not a practical or achievable look.  For me I would love to be a healthy size 12, I don’t expect or imagine I am ever going to have a 6 pack and lift weights every day because it is just not me and I am really not that interested.

I want to know where are all the images of healthy young women at a average size, where are all the photos of women having fun with their kids while being fit and healthy? When did weight loss turn into an exercise to become the next big sports model???

So I have included a photo of my inspiration board to show you what I have done so far, I still want to add a photo of my kids because they are one of the biggest reasons I am doing this, as well as a goal outfit, and hopefully i will eventually be able to add a photo of a me 😀

I have also set myself a few little rewards for some major goals, these are:

  • 15kg = New Shoes (I really want a pair of Skechers Memory foam shoes, they look soooo comfy!!)
  • 20kg = 1 new outfit.  I figure after 20kgs I will be down at least 2 dress sizes hopefully so will go and have a bit of fun trying some clothes on 😀

I am wanting to add some more rewards for 30, 40 and 50 but I am completely stumped at this point about what to have for those ( I think my mind is in denial about me seriously doing this) so if you have any ideas or have set yourself some target rewards I would love to hear them.

Would love to know what sort of images everyone else uses for inspiration because we sure are all different!

My nearly finished bard.  Need to add some more personalised images :D

My nearly finished bard. Need to add some more personalised images 😀



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