Admission Time

So I decided it is time for me to admit something to you all, I have been so focused on my own eating and making sure I follow my rapid plan that I have been getting really slack with ensuring the two kiddies eat Real Food.  So this will be changing and I am now on the hunt for Family Friendly real food recipes I can start using for the kiddos breakfasts and lunches.  I find these two meals in particular we get slack and stuck in a routine of a piece of toast with Peanut Butter and a sandwhich for lunch.  Dinner is always easy to ensure they eat real because that is what I have, so add a few carbs and they are good to go.  So over the next few weeks you will be seeing some posts focused on real food and eliminating the nasties.


So far my favourite places to get Real Food recipes have of course been Pinterest and a few other fabulous blog and Facebook pages I have recently discovered which I will be sharing in a post very soon so stay tuned.


H. xx


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