Im Back…

So after a lot of umming and aghhing I am finally back for yet another admission post.  I know, I know you all must be sick of them from me by now as I do feel like that is all I seem to do.  So let’s get these damn admissions out of the way and move on to something more exciting and positive.

1. I fell off plan … well actually I hurdled myself off a giant cliff! Christmas came and went, then new years which included two weeks away and then it was one excuse after another with sporadic healthy eating thrown in randomly for guilt purposes.  I wish I could say that I am proud of myself for trying on and off throughout but I really do think I did more damage mentally then anything else.  More on that later 😉

2. This admission kind of goes hand in hand with the first one…. i just quietly may have put back on 5-6 kgs of the hard-earned weight I lost last year 😦 So depressing but I am trying really hard not to dwell on it too much … on wards and upwards as they say!

3. I am a terrible blogger! Yep you read that right… I suck! I have no idea how to make my blog look great and I am useless at being consistent with my posts and following through with my ideas. So why am I writing this post you might ask??? Well because I want to… why not really? When I have the time and I actually sit down and do it I feel like there are people out there in exactly the same place as me and I wont them to know they are not alone (pretty cliché I suppose).

So now that I think I have my admissions out of the way some exciting news.  Things have been pretty hectic in our household.  Our house went on the market in March and sold at its first auction 3 weeks later.  After a few torturous weeks of complete disagreements with the hubby where we should buy we have settled on an amazing house about 1 hour away from where I grew up and live currently.  We will be moving in this coming Friday and I am a complete ball of nerves.  So many emotions seem to have found a home inside me all at one time, excitement and anxiousness being the main culprits.  I don’t really know anyone in the town except for my Grandparents, and will go from seeing my parents and siblings just about everyday to once every 1 – 2 weeks.

So I have mentally prepared myself a little plan for the first couple of months because I know it is going to be tough.  My biggest plan for this time is to make the most of this opportunity to have a fresh start and become a new me.  I plan to walk Mr.5 to school and home every day, and instead of visiting friends and family I will spend my time walking around the town working out where everything is and getting in my exercise at the same time.  We also will have a huge section at our new place (hubby is already worried about mowing it haha) so I plan to finally get a veggie garden going and also have 2-3 chickens. Hopefully it shouldn’t be hard because lets face it… I will probably have a heap of spare time on my hands.

We have also got a wee food plan on the way to us but I might leave that for another post seeing as I have already rattled away for far too long.

So hopefully I will write again soon (but seriously who knows…) and fill you in on the rest of my little plan.



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