Welcome to my blog Real Food Mummy 😀

This blog is hopefully a place where I will be able to share my successes and failures (although hopefully not too many of those) on my journey to eating Real Food. Why decide to start this you might wonder?? Well I am overweight and have been for a while and I feel like I have tried so many ways to loose the weight but never with any luck! So I went along and listened to a talk by Dr Libby, well she was completely inspiring and fascinating. She makes the point that our bodies are built to eat food in its most natural state as that way we take all the nutrients and goodness from it rather than digesting Preservatives and additives. She instructs everyone to raise the plant content in your menu and basically cut out the ‘crap’
(although she worded that much better than me haha), which in turn with a few other basic things will all lend towards a much healthier and hopefully smaller lifestyle.  Everything about her talk was inspiring and I highly recommend people to go and listen to her speak. So basically my goal is to get as many real food meals into my everyday eating as possible.  However this is made tricky with mu two little ratbags who I would also like to start eating the ‘real’ way and a very tight budget.

So bring it on food … because I am one motivated Real Food Mummy!


H. xx