The Aftermath…

So last week my son turned 5 and we had a big party in the weekend.  It was a great afternoon and he had a blast (even if I am still in denial about him being 5 and a school boy eek).


2012 10 18 Jamie 5th bday party (28)


I spent all off last week tossing and turning about whether I was going to have any party food or not.  On one hand I felt like it was only one day, so in the big scheme of things I should be able to stick to my plan and go cold turkey but on the other its only once that your son turns 5 and I wanted to enjoy the day and stay casual about the whole thing.  In the end the later is what I went for and I am pleased I did.  I was able to make my self a small plate of party food and feel like I had participated without hovering over the food table scoffing my face like the old me! I also decided to enjoy 2 glasses of wine, which I will admit I regretted the next morning after having not drunk in so long haha. Overall however I was pleased with how I had handled the party… the aftermath however not so much.  I let myself muck up my plan on sunday because I was feeling crook (a combination of both wine and the sugary food I think) and although I didn’t get ridiculous or anything I feel that I should know better than to fix myself with food like I used to.  I then went on to have hot chips for lunch yesterday at the zoo because there were no options right for rapid which was uber frustrating but I let it throw off my whole day instead of making the next best option.  So after being quite proud of myself on Saturday for being restrained I ballsed it up on Sunday and Monday but hey thats life and I am writing it here for you all to read to keep me accountable! I do not want to let this throw me off my journey or loose my motivation I am still so very proud of myself for sticking to this for longer than anything I have done previously and have to constantly remind myself that this is a life change and not a quick fix.  I will have slip ups but it is not the end of the world so long as I pick myself back up and carry on… not the next month, week or day but at the very next meal!


So to get myself back on track 100% I have set myself a few goals for the week.  I am so close to that golden 10 kgs (I am officially down 9.6kg at my last weigh in YAY) that I want to push myself and make it happen!!

Goal 1.  Cold turkey on all sweets and snack again, I have been letting them start to slide back in in the last couple of weeks and it really is slowing things down.

Goal 2.  Drink 3L of water every day.  The dumb thing is I love to drink water so this should be easy I just struggle to get the quantity in.

Goal 3.  Track all my meals, exercise and water intake so I can keep an eye on it.  Will keep me more accountable for what I am putting into my body.

Apart from these 3 minor goals I set a goal with my Rapid Fitness Coach, the Lovely Greer, to loose 15kgs before xmas (on top of my 7 I had already lost).  Thinking of this being achievable makes me so super excited and nervous that I want to jump up and get stuck into some exercise right now!  Will keep you updated on how I am going with reaching that goal… 2.6kgs down in the first week so only 12.4 to go!

Would love to know if anyone else has set them self some small step goals for the next few weeks also wondering if anyone would like to see a progress post??





Skecher’s Womens 6K Run

Skechers walk

Super excited to do this run (well a walk for me) with my mum at the end of the year!   I decided I needed a good goal to aim towards and 6 km sis a very doable distance, I will hopefully be smaller by then which will make it easier as well.  I have however decided if at all possible I would love it if I was able to run some of it, even if I could only manage 1 km that would be a huge achievement for me.  So I have started walking this week and with my new favourite gadget that I bought yesterday, my Fitbit Zip  (I am going to do a review on this next week), I am going to aim to do 6km walks to begin with and then next month I will start adding in some jogging and see how I go.  I think I am pretty crazy but I am willing to give it a go anyway.

For anyone interested in doing the walk themselves it is held in Auckland on Sunday, November 16.  I would love to see some familiar faces there 😀  Check out their website for some more information if your keen.

H. xx

Rapid Reset

Hi Everyone,


Hope you are all well! We have been enjoying a few days with my hubby, who has been in Christchurch for 2 weeks, before he heads off for another few weeks again on Monday morning so things have been a bit all over the place this week.  Hope you are all enjoying your fathers day, I am just making the most of 10 minutes of peace and quiet while everyone is still asleep 😀

So a wee update on how my week has been going… I joined a online program called Rapid Reset which has been going great so far.  The goal of the program is to get your body into a state of Ketosis which basically means your fat burning is at its prime (excuse my very technical explanation).  This is achieved through eating real food and focusing on getting the right nutrients etc that your body needs.  It is split into 12 phases over 12 weeks to ensure you get the maximum result.  I am currently on day 6 of my first week and so far I have been really pleased with how its going.  I have had some yummy recipes one of which I want to share with you today and have felt really fresh and healthy. At the moment I am on day 2 of the 3 day detox, which just gets all the C.R.A.P (Caffeine, Refined Sugar, Alcohol, Processed food) out of your system so that your body will work as naturally as possible.  I will admit that I have found the detox a bit hard because it is a freshly made juice for breakfast, then a smoothie for lunch and then a salad and protein for dinner but man has my stomach been rumbling all day! But only one day to go and then I am back onto normal meals WOOHOO! Don’t forget you can follow me on Facebook your Instagram to see whats being eaten in our house 😀  You can check Rapid Reset out at if you are interested in joining.

I also have been working on my goals I set a few weeks ago and have started to make my inspiration board which I will share a bit more about in the next couple of days 😀

Weigh in day for me tomorrow… eek… hopefully I will have a great result to share with you all, otherwise its just back on the horse and carry on!

I will NOT QUIT this time!!!!!



1 week down… How am I going?

So I am now officially 1 week into this and to be perfectly honest I am loving it! I am enjoying the food and surprisingly not having too many cravings (despite the fact I used to have us much chocolate as possible EVERY day). I still feel fresh and motivated and have enjoyed researching and learning more about this way of eating.

But my most exciting news (well for me anyway) is that I jumped on the scales after breakfast this morning and I’ve lost 2kgs this week!!! WOOHOO! I felt like having a celebration in my bathroom because it has been an extremely long time since I saw those scales move in the right direction! I managed this just from purely changing my eating this week, I am not starving myself (if anything I feel fuller and more sustained) and just eating a lot more plant based food and removing the processed crap. I got no exercise done this week … Oops my bad, and yet here was that awesome start to this journey. So this is really one happy mummy here!

And to top of my day I had a fab time at the Baby show with my best friend but didn’t get home till late so decided McDonald’s was the easiest option for dinner. But do you know what? For probably the first time ever I didn’t buy myself a single thing. Instead I came home an made myself a delicious dinner of toast, smoked salmon, poached eggs and avocado (which lets face it is probably much tastier) and enjoyed that without the side of guilt! I did however pinch a couple of chips from the kids but still super proud of myself.

Hope you are all having a fabulous week as well!

H. Xx